Esterházy Palace

New exhibition: Melinda Esterházy

"Life has given me so much" - An exhibition in 5 acts
Now at Esterházy Palace more »

Bild: (c) Roland Wimmer

Palace Tour

Take a look at the exhibition „The apartment of the Princess“, the Palace Chapel and the world famous Haydnsaal.more »

Bild: (c) Andreas Tischler

Haydn Ticket

The Haydn ticket includes two exhibitions and compellingly captures the life of Joseph Haydn, and the music, festivals and lifestyle at the Esterházy court. more »

Wine Museum

The largest wine museum in Austria more »

Forchtenstein Castle

Protecting Treasures

Season's exhibition at Forchtenstein Castle 2018 more »

Bild: (c) Esterházy

Esterházy Treasure Chamber

In size, layout and appointments the Esterházy Treasure Chamber without doubt vies with the art and curio cabinets of the princely houses in the German-speaking regions.more »

Bild: (c) Chrissinger (Chrissinger)

Castle Tour with Weapons Collection

One of the largest private weapon collections in Europe testifies to the military tradition and endeavours of the Esterházy family as loyal allies of the Habsburgs.more »

Heroes - Treasures - Loot

The Esterházy Gallery of Ancestors presents one of the largest baroque ancestral portrait galleries in Central Europe. The paintings form part of the collections of Prince Paul I (1635–1713) from the seventeenth century.more »

Lackenbach Palace

Interactive nature theme park and museum

“On Nature’s Trail” is the motto of the museum housed in the building complex of the Renaissance palace of Lackenbach - an experience for all the senses. more »

The Zebra and the Hummingbird

23 March to 31 July 2018 more »

Bild: (c) Andreas Hafenscher

Predators in the Forest

04 August to 11 November 2018
more »

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