The Esterházy Palace

themaEsterházy Palace in Eisenstadt is one of the most beautiful baroque palaces in Austria and presents a fascinating view of the resplendent life once lived at the court of the Princes Esterházy. But the palace is still the hub of the cultural scene today and regularly provides the picturesque backdrop for festivities and social events.more »

Forchtenstein Castle

Looming up among the foothills of the Rosaliengebirge mountain range is Forchtenstein Castle. It is the only fortress in the region that was never captured during the Turkish Wars; thus the castle served as the treasury of the Esterházy princes, safeguarding all costly and precious possessions. This collection of family treasures can still be seen here today.more »

The apartment of the Princess

Experience the Princess' former home and residence.more »

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Walk with Haydn in Esterházy Palace

Bild: (c) Andreas Hafenscher
In this 4-hour workshop, participants will take a walk through the halls of the Esterházy Palace accompanied by Haydn’s music. The modern approach of Gestalt methodology will enable them to experience on a creative way more about oneself and get tricks how to use and take advantage of these findings successfully in everyday life.more »
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Pillars of cooperation in the Esterházy Palace

Bild: (c) Jozef Barinka
Within this 8-hour gestalt workshop, participants will work with modern Gestalt methodology approaches and will move around the halls of Esterházy Palace in a playful way. They will think about 5 areas of life (columns) and contemplate them carefully. Afterwards they will be aware of their own identity and corporate identity and will symbolically design their own crests.more »

Events at Esterházy Palace

03.10.2015 19:30


Haydns Violin concerts and orchestral music by the Bach sons

Esterházy Palace | Haydn Hall

Midori Sailer, violin and the Concerto Köln More »

04.10.2015 13:00 - 17:00


Seidenmalerei mit Shunzi Hisatsune

Esterházy Palace

null More »

24.10.2015 19:30


Strolling Concert at Esterházy Palace

Esterházy Palace

Duos, Trios and Quartets by Mozart, Haydn and Schumann, Schumann Quartett More »

28.10.2015 16:30 - 19:00


Christmas Market at Esterházy Palace

Esterházy Palace

International craftwork and high quality offer an unique flair More »

03.11.2015 16:30 - 20:00


Gans Esterhazy

Esterházy Palace

null More »

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