Palacestour 2015

Mai - September, Friday to Sunday: Right from its departure from Vienna, a Bus puts guests in the right mood for the princely journey through time to the Esterházy cultural highlights.more »

Esterházy Palace

Due to a conference taking place in Esterházy Palace from September 23 to 26, our state rooms as well as our exhibitions will be closed. You have the possibility to visit Wine Museum on your own. We kindly ask for your understanding.

Special exhibition: A folk song for everyone

The central point of this special exhibition is the Volcks’ Lied [folk song] that Haydn composed in 1797 to accompany the text ‘God save Emperor Franz’.more »

The apartment of the Princess

Experience the Princess' former home and residence.more »

Highlights of Esterházy Palace

The return of the collectionsmore »

Haydn explosive. Music from revolutionary times.

Haydn explosive – the successful exhibition from the Haydn Memorial Year – is being extended, but this time with many new exhibits to guide visitors in discovering the fantastic opera world of the eighteenth century.more »

Wine Museum

The largest wine museum in Austriamore »

Forchtenstein Castle

Esterhzy Treasure Chamber / Bild: (c) chrissinger (chrissinger)

Esterházy Treasure Chamber

In size, layout and appointments the Esterházy Treasure Chamber without doubt vies with the art and curio cabinets of the princely houses in the German-speaking regions.more »

Bild: (c) Chrissinger (Chrissinger)

Castle Tour with Weapons Collection

One of the largest private weapon collections in Europe testifies to the military tradition and endeavours of the Esterházy family as loyal allies of the Habsburgs.more »

Esterházy Gallery of Ancestors

The Esterházy Gallery of Ancestors presents one of the largest baroque ancestral portrait galleries in Central Europe. The paintings form part of the collections of Prince Paul I (1635–1713) from the seventeenth century.more »

Lackenbach Palace

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