Nature Packages

Bild: (c) Andreas Hafenscher

Josepf Haydn and the Nature of his Era

Let yourself be inspired by Haydn's music and the beauty of Lake Neusiedl!
Bild: (c) Andreas Hafenscher

Lackenbach Palace & its magnificent garden

The Renaissance building is situated in an idyllic spot in the low-lying areas of central Burgenland and is one of the Esterházy family's oldest residences.
Bild: (c) Andreas Hafenscher

The Delights of Nature and Coffee in Lackenbach Palace

Lackenbach Nature Museum - The Wonders of Nature - See, touch and enjoy!
Bild: (c) Roland Wimmer

St. Margarethen quarry & Mulatság (grill party)

A Stage for Something Special! At St. Margarethen visitors can wander through the oldest quarry in Europe.
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