Forchtenstein Castle Packages

Bild: (c) Andreas Hafenscher

Esterházy "strongbox" of delights

It is easy to understand why Johann Wolfgang von Goethe spoke of the “Esterházy Fairyland” when the castle comes into view. The treasures exhibited at this bulwark of the West, as the castle was known, range from weapons and armour to works of art and curiosities.
Bild: (c) Roland Wimmer

Princely Treasures

Prince Paul Esterházy I collected valuable clocks, automatons, exotic taxidermy and curios. He kept his treasures safe in the treasure chamber, protected by a complicated system of locks. They can be admired at their original location to this day.
Bild: (c) Andreas Hafenscher

Advent Magic at Forchtenstein Castle

Exquisite offers in the stylish ambience, spectacularly shows and extensive children’s program guarantee an unforgettable visit.
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