Forchtenstein Castle Individualpackages

Bild: (c) Roland Schuller - Foto im Lohnbüro

Fortress of the Esterházy Princes

The Fascination of an Original Castle! It is easy to understand why Johann Wolfgang von Goethe spoke of the “Esterházy Fairyland” when the castle comes into view.
Bild: (c) Roland Schuller

Princely Afternoon at Forchtenstein Castle

Once hidden down secret passageways, shut away behind ingenious locks, protected by psalms and, according to legend, guarded by a stuffed crocodile, the Esterházy Treasure Chamber has survived the centuries largely intact. Immerse yourself in this mysterious world and appreciate a true rarity! For the Esterházy Treasure Chamber is the world’s only Baroque Kunst- und Wunderkammer (cabinet of curiosities) that is still to be found at its original site, complete with some wondrous and outlandish objects. After the guided tour, you are invited to enjoy coffee and cake in the new restaurant Grenadier.
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