The ceremonial rooms


The ceremonial rooms of the high castle: colours of the Baroque On show is the Esterházy gallery of ancestors in all the glory of the ceremonial and residential rooms in the high castle of Forchtenstein Castle.

ceremonial rooms
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The refulgent colours of the Baroque

The historic rooms with their great fireplaces and stoves, wall paintings and splendid baroque doors underwent extensive refurbishment in the last two years. After the practically invisible implementation of modern museum safety and conservation technology, they are now radiant once more with the refulgent colours of the baroque era.

This multicoloured opulence might strike the modern eye as somewhat startling, but, together with the ancestral portraits, it forms a harmonious, total work of art – a Gesamtkunstwerk – synthesised through the power of baroque colour.

Complex restorations

The colourful splendour of the paintings with vine scrolls and allegorical figures is now visible again for the first time after the complex procedure in recent years to expose them. They give us a vivid idea of baroque life in the castles of the seventeenth century. The 20 or so baroque doors were restored at great expense in all their original historical colour.

The noble anthracite of the doors sets them off to great effect from the walls, now restored to their original colours. Among the highlights is the little putto blowing bubbles, a symbol of transience; also the lavishly coloured marbling of some of the doors in the former princely residential quarters.

Thus at last we can understand why Forchtenstein Castle was usually designated as a palace in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.

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