Special Exhibition: Eva Esterházy

( Esterhazy )

The first Esterházy Princess

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  • Adults: € 11,00
    Reduced/Groups: € 9,00
    Families: € 23,00


This is the first exhibition to present and honour the life of Eva Esterházy, born Countess Thököly. Eva was the sister of the Hungarian rebel Imre Thököly and was brought to the court of Count Paul Esterházy when she was orphaned. Paul, later given the title Prince Esterházy, married Eva after his first wife died. Eva’s new status, however, could not shield her from monstrous accusations leading to ostracism, arrest, and great hardship. She finally died in 1716, three years after Paul, far away from the Esterházy court.

This exhibition, part of the “Heroes, Treasures, Booty” tour, sheds light on a dramatic fate and uncovers a long-forgotten secret from the Esterházy family history. It includes rarely seen objects from the Treasure Chamber, some presented for the first time, recently discovered documents from Eva Esterházy’s estate, and rare and precious publications from the princes’ library. These all set the scene for the exhibition’s spectacular story, which is only on show at Forchtenstein Castle in 2017.

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