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„Haydn's godson, Mozart's friend“ - Gala concert marking the 250th birthday of Joseph Weigl

17.12.2015 | 10:05 |  (Esterhazy)

Anna Lucia Richter, Sopran
German Olvera, Bariton
Fabio Biondi, Dirigent
Europa Galante

“When I took you in my arms shortly after your birth, and had the pleasure of becoming your godfather, I implored Omnipotent Providence to endow you with the highest degree of musical talent. My fervent prayer has been heard. ... Persevere, my dear godson, in this genuine style ... . Keep a place in your memory withal for an old boy like myself. I love you cordially, and am, dearest Weigl, your sincere friend and servant.” These effusive words were written by Joseph Haydn to his fellow composer Joseph Weigl, who would become internationally successful and ultimately hold the post of Vice Hofkapellmeister in Vienna. The 250th birthday of Haydn’s godson provides an ideal occasion for this gala that will present Weigl’s work in all its glory alongside the music of his friends Haydn and Mozart.

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