Haydn alla Zingarese


Paul Gulda, Piano
Gypsy Devils

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Berliner Philharmoniker

Date: 11.06.2017 18:00

Location: Esterházy Palace


  • Standing ticket: € 25,--

    Seated ticket: € 40,--


“Haydn alla Zingarese – Zingarese à la Haydn”: Paul Gulda and his Roma artist friends have made musical history with this highly successful project. “My first teachers were two jazz musicians: Fritz Pauer and Roland Batik,” the versatile pianist recalls. “My father, Friedrich Gulda, taught me total commitment to music and Leonid Brumberg the basics of the Russian school. Rudolf Serkin finally gave me the gift of true kindness and support. Extracting the sum out of all this, possibly even going further by passing it on, is how I now regard my role.” And this is exactly what will happen on this evening. It will be no dry lesson in music history with the aim of exploring “what Haydn may have heard in music alla Zingarese.” Gulda continues: “After all, even Haydn’s music cannot be interpreted ‘authentically’ with absolute certainty today. It is rather a case of amicably reconciling the two styles and learning myself, as a ‘classical’ musician, the sheer improvisational joy to be found in Roma music.”

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