Selektion Vinothek Burgenland

The first of its kind in Eisenstadt

Selektion Vinothek Burgenland

The wine scene in Burgenland, Austria has just gotten even hotter. On March 17, 2011 Selektion Vinothek Burgenland was opened in the historic defense command center in the Esterházy castle in Eisenstedt, the first of its kind in this regions capital.

The new heart of Burgenland‘s wine diversity

Burgenland‘s wine diversity features exquisite red wines, expressive white wines and luxuriant dessert wines all of which make Burgenland a wine region that is unsurpassed in Austria. This unique diversity is clearly presented to the visitor to discover, learn, and taste. A more prominent location could hardly be designed, directly across from the Esterházy Palace, the Vinothek will please and engage both the wine lover and the jet setting tourist.

Modern design in an historic setting

This building once housed the royal guards of the Esterházy princes and was also a part of the stalls. Benedict Hainrizi (Henrici) drew the plans and it was erected between 1793 and 1800. The historical architectural highlights have been equally partnered with the modern in both style and marketing. The brick faced walls are reminiscent of an ancient wine cellar and the spectacular state of the art lighting gently guide the visitor through the rooms. The distinctive wine regions of Burgenland are color coded - making the adventure child’s play. The elegant metal shelving display the wines in an open and welcoming way.

Over 600 wines at ex-cellar prices

A unique collection awaits the visitor – over 600 wines from Neusiedlersee, Neusiedlersee-Hügelland, Mittelburgenland and Südburgundland – in all, wines from the entire Burgenland under one historical roof. The selection was made with the famous Austrian wine author and critic Peter Moser as consultant. White wines, red wines, rosés, dessert wines, bubbly wines, large format wines and a large selection of rarities, some of which can only be found here at the Vinothek Burgenland. Wines from renown wineries as well as heavily sought after trend setters, boutique wineries and small, dedicated family wineries line the shelves. As well as being under one roof, these wines also offer the unrivaled opportunity for the visitor – all wines are priced ex-cellar!

More than just wine

Of course, Vinothek Burgenland also offers a wide portfolio including high quality spirits, exquisite wine accessories, finest wine glasses from Riedel and Zalto,
stylish gift presentations and wooden boxes in various sizes. In addition, wine literature is available for those to delve deeper into the wine world. Gift vouchers and tasteful gift collections are also available for purchase to please your friends and family.

Indulgence at the Elegant Wine Bar

The fabulous presentation of Burgenland‘s wine diversity would not be complete without the opportunity to enjoy a glass of its wine. The Vinothek Burgenland invites the visitor to sit and enjoy the sight of the wonderfully laid Esterházy castle while enjoying a glass of wine from the bar. 35 wines from Burgenland are available by the glass for the wine lover to personally be introduced to the diversity of this fine wine region. In addition, 10 unique wine flights can also be ordered, each presenting a selection of wines matched to specific themes within Burgenland.

Delicacies to be enjoyed

At the wine bar, there are a number of delicacies especially selected to match the wines offered. Next to oven fresh breads there is olive oil from Tuscany, as well as regional specialties. Ripe and matured cheeses that complement the wines are also available.