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Дворец Эстерхази | Пакетные предложения 2016

themaБогатая событиями история дворца, великолепного образа жизни и драгоценности княжеской семьи ждут посетителей в комнатах Дворца Эстерхази. больше »

Крепость Форхтенштайн | Пакетные предложения 2016

themaКрепость Форхтенштайн, возвышающаяся в предгорьях Rosaliengebirge, принадлежит семье Эстерхази с начала 17-го века и до сих пор остается сокровищницей, хранящей самые значительные коллекции семьи больше »

Предложения для групп

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Esterházy Palace | Cultural Packages 2017

themaHistory can be so Beautiful! The magnificent Esterházy Palace, emblem of Burgenland, is one of the most beautiful Baroque palaces in Austria and gives a fascinating insight into the illustrious life at the princely court.больше »

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Forchtenstein Castle | Cultural Packages 2017

themaThe Fascination of an Original Castle! Forchtenstein Castle, only half an hour from Eisenstadt by car, was for centuries the “treasure vault” for the outstanding Esterházy collections. больше »

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Esterházy Vineyard | Wine Packages 2017

themaVisit the Esterházy Winery and experience the tradition, modernity and luxury of prize-winning wines. Or visit Burgenland's new and spacious winery with its elegant, modern wine bar. больше »

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St. Margarethen Quarry and Lake Neusiedl, Lackenbach Palace | Nature Packages 2017

themaA Journey of Discovery for all the Senses! The modern theme park and museum at Lackenbach Palace is all about nature. Various habitats such as forests, meadows, lakes and rivers are explored from different points of view and using all the senses. Also the rich natural heritage of the St. Margarethen Quarry and Lake Neusiedl offers many possibilities for getting away from the stresses of everyday life.больше »

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Experience Pannonia | Tours & Day Trips

themaA visit to the Esterházy locations can be perfectly combined with other attractive excursion destinations and cultural events in the region.больше »

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