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Every wine is as individual as every person

Every wine is as individual as every person. For a very long time, we have dealt over and over with the question of what is at the core of our traditional wine estate – and we have always found the answer in the individual character of the Pannonian region.more »

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We are planting new vineyards at Esterházy Winery

After careful planning and 2 years preparation of the vineyards, it finally happened on 18th April: Almost 50.000 new vines found a new home more »
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Centers of Excellence and successful international alliances

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2013 marks the 5th vintage of Stéphane Derenoncourt and his team accompanying Esterházy winery in Trausdorf, both in the vineyards and production. A reason to celebrate. Esterházy is proud of having convinced one of the most sought after international consultants to become their advisor. Since 2009 the winery benefits from his keen sense of terroir. more »

Furmint, one of the former widely planted, old varieties of Burgenland awakes again in Esterházy’s vineyards

Furmint was widespread in the north of Burgenland 100 - 120 years ago. It is a very interesting, characteristic vine variety, which excellently reflects the typicity of the region. more »

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Master.Myhst.MW wines on 13. 11.

Outstanding wines, great experiences, entertaining presentation: Josef Schuller, Roman Horvath und Andreas Wickhoffmore »

Main Catalogue

Our current webpapermore »

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Sources of supply

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karteWhere to buy our wine. Find all stores in Austria on the right side and those worldwide at the bottom of the map. more »

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Tour & Tasting

Tours through the winery and wine tastings more »

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For centuries, the Princes of Esterházy have influenced the cultural and political life of Central Europe.more »